Weird Pet

© Fernando Kaskais “A photographer must be prepared to catch and hold on to those elements which give distinction to … More

Two wheels

© Fernando Kaskais The Zen in Photography “Be still with yourself until the object of your attention affirms your presence.” … More

Bolshoi Ballet

© Fernando Kaskais “I’m fond of implied narratives, oblique angles, and leaving a little room for the viewer to finish … More

Strings Cat

© Fernando Kaskais “Mysteries lie all around us, even in the most familiar things, waiting only to be perceived.” – … More

Shadows in Motion

© Fernando Kaskais “I like the simple things. I don’t know why. I’m that way. I came from a simple … More


© Fernando Kaskais “To me, style is like your fingerprint. Nobody else has it.” – Gregory Heisler

Best Friends

© Fernando Kaskais “I had this notion of what I called a democratic way of looking around, that nothing was … More


© Fernando Kaskais “There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what … More


© Fernando Kaskais “Good photography is not about ‘Zone Printing’ or any other Ansel Adams nonsense. It’s just about seeing. … More