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Alfredo. 21/03/2021 15:05

Fernando I really enjoyed your portfolio, and I honestly can’t find a bad image. I absolutely have to congratulate you.
Best regards

Lysa Zago 27/02/2019 15:51

Very beautiful works and a lot of poetry.
Sincere congratulations…

Fernando Anzani 19/01/2019 21:19

Grazie infinite per voler seguire il mio percorso fotografico. Ciao. Fernando.

bildlich 16/12/2018 17:05

Torno, questo è sicuro
tanti saluti claudia

Marc Erpelding
 15/06/2018 14:35

I like your minimalistic approach to photography. Many of your cuts and compositions are highly aesthetic. Hope you will keep posting pictures here.
Best, Marc

Jutta.M. 22/03/2017 15:07

a strong portfolio – congrats

staff1 20/03/2021 12:54


lucy franco 09/11/2019 23:34

a legenda se aventura em um território de filosofia, profundo, existencial. A foto reflete o pensamento e mostra sua realização com precisão. Muito linda

lucy franco 15/05/2021

sempre più rarefatta e poetica la tua fotografia



Sabine Phb 6 DAYS, 13 HOURS AGO

Your photos are, for me, philosophical. Also a bit disturbing, but so mesmerising. Great work!

Chuck Staruch 2 WEEKS, 5 DAYS AGO

 I absolutely love this shot!

Sabine Phb 3 WEEKS, 5 DAYS AGO

What an amazing shot, super!

Sabine Phb 3 WEEKS, 3 DAYS AGO

Perfect photo. I cannot read Portugese but I can look at that shot an guess what your text is saying. Wonderful.

Mundo Fotográfico



O que achei interessante nessa foto foi a composição, além do “estilo” estrambelhado do saltador, um tipo popular e nao esportista, certamente. O formato vertical do quadro colocando o “mergulhador” no topo com somente a agua na parte inferior, sem qualquer outro referencial, parece fazer crer que é um pulo de altura elevada,  o que pode nao ser real, mas isso nao vamos saber NUNCA, pois o misterioso Kaskais jamais responde postagens rs..


Interessante o alinhamento do buraco na sombra com o ciclista.. deu um “tchan” na cena !!


Como sempre uma aula de composição e enquadramento, linda!!!

Thales Souto

Composição impecável. Essa quadrado de luz em uma composição/tamanho perfeito deixou a foto muito top. Parabéns.




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Real Name Judith

What a good shot for the sentiment!


Join DateDec 2012

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Real Name Peter

Very nice words to accompany your image Fernando.

For those who don’t know about G**gle Translate:-

“They walked together, but separated by the child who united them. In those steps that were alien to them, they went together, because in unison, they stepped on the scorching softness of the sand, which made up the irregularity of the floor, marked by thousands of steps together in space but dispersed in time. So many exchanged steps, so much lost soul, so many crossed destinations”


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Real NameOle

One of your best images, Fernando
Cheers Ole

Tom Barry

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Thought-provoking and well presented, as always.



lost alaskan • Senior Member

Re: Sem Cabeça

Kind of a good trick. A shot that you can look at for a while. The little cloud, the tower, The little intrusion at the bottom of the shadow. The whole thing is minimalist and interesting.  You are an interesting photographer; you do one thing and one thing only.

hurtsme • Veteran Member 

Re: Salto

Very cool image!  Really creates and expanse of the water!

clouseau • Senior Member

Re: Fúria

Very good photo, powerful. +I like the framing you made, create tension.

Milan SK • Regular Member 

Re: Purgatório

Neither do I have a clue. Maybe those blurry persons are going to invoke the bird for some droppings to to get purged with, thus reaching the purgatory.

Kaskais had nice b&w shots with interesting compositions. I apologize in advance for my erroneous explanation for the title. Kaskais is a good photographer for me (just the title for this photo is queer).



linux99 • Senior Member

Re: Anfíbio

I like this very much. Well done!

I especially like the fact that you have stuck with “rule of thirds” for the placement of the figure horizontally – while completely ignoring it vertically to give a unexpected and thrilling outcome.

Very good.

F. Kaskais Photography

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